PROOF That Calvinists Still Don’t Understand the Importance and Role of Faith

I am currently reading Doug Sayers book and finding it to be an interesting read.     Chosen or Not?: A Layman’s Study of Biblical Election and Assurance by Doug Sayers (Nov 29, 2012) $28.99 $26.09 Paperback So it was interesting to see that he has done a review of PROOF –       PROOF: Finding Freedom through the Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace by Daniel Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones (May 27, 2014) I am sure PROOF would be worth the read ,but from Doug’s review it is as I expected – the same old Calvinism dressed ...Read More

Child Sexual Abuse : Accident , Pattern of Criminal and Demonically Inspired Behavior , or the Will of God ?

  I serve on the Board of Directors of a Child Advocacy Center. The Center offers free counseling for children who have been sexually abused. A good friend of mine is the counselor. She listens to ,and counsels children who have been sexually abused. Think of the evil that has been done.  When I say that I believe in what the Center is doing and am passionate about serving on the Board I am speaking from my heart as a human being and as a Christian. Jesus Christ loves children and bids them come to Him. He bids us ...Read More

Talk About Total Depravity: Covering Up Sexual Abuse at Sovereign Grace Ministries

Sovereign Grace Ministries has been going through a rough time. But their problem is of their own making. Without a doubt there were some in leadership who  covered up criminal activity. If I am not mistaken there very well could be more court cases. The title of this post is not meant to be snarky. It is meant to point out that the behavior of those in leadership at Sovereign Grace Ministries who knew about the abuse and did not report it to the authorities behaved as badly or worse than those who do not know Christ. By the ...Read More

Interview With and Article by Roger E. Olsen: Arminian Food For Thought

For those of you who are interested in reading an intelligent Arminian who can make an outstanding case for his theology , check out this interview with Roger E. Olson and the following article.  He is an author ,professor , and speaker. This is a good interview , and like all good interviews ,should spark some good discussion , if only in your mind !   There’s probably no other issue in popular Christianity as argued or debated as Calvinism. Whether it’s a dorm room, a Sunday school class, a dinner table, a church meeting or a classroom, chances ...Read More

The Nicene Creed : Jesus Christ- Light From Light,True God From True God

Who was Jesus Christ ? A prophet ? A teacher ? A fraud ? God in the flesh ? In response to the teaching that Jesus was not equal to God the Father the Nicene Council acted. Here is a a brief summary of some of their debate and the answers they gave. The Nicene Council- 325 A.D. The council debated the nature of God and Jesus Christ. Most of the bishops rejected Arius’ idea that Jesus was a created being. They believed that when they worshiped Jesus, they were worshiping God. They believed they were saved by God, ...Read More

Dead Men Pursuing: Or Why Calvinism’s Ordo Salutis is Out of Order

So , does regeneration precede regeneration and faith ? R. C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries think so – From Adam we inherit guilt for his sin because, in a real sense, we were there with him in the garden when he ate the forbidden fruit — since he was the representative of humanity, when he sinned, we sinned. As his progeny, we also receive a nature that makes it all too easy for us to transgress the Lord’s law, for mankind suffers the degenerating effects of this primal sin (Rom. 5:12–21; 1 Cor. 15:22). In sum, we are dead ...Read More

Atheism,Ethics,Science,and the Way Things Are Not Supposed to Be

Wintery Knight has an interesting blog post on atheists and slavery. The whole issue of whether atheism can provide a moral foundation of any kind is a fascinating one. Wintery Knight – Can atheists condemn slavery as immoral? Do atheists believe that slavery is wrong? Note: For a Christian response to the complaint that the Bible doesn’t condemn slavery, see this article and this article for slavery in the Old Testament, and this article for slavery in the New Testament. These are all by Christian philosopher Paul Copan. You can watch a lecture with Paul Copan on the ...Read More

Bill Gothard and Christian Karma

Back in the mid-1980’s over the course of three months  I met two godly men who had recently resigned from Bill Gothard’s Board of Directors . They both told the same story. Bill had refused to listen to the Board’s advice in regards to some on going situations that needed to be dealt with. Little did they know that there far more serious matters going on. The Recovering Grace website has done a tremendous job of exposing the sin ,the false teaching ,and the cover up that was perpetrated on good Christian families for years by Bill Gothard. Recovering ...Read More

David Allen Answers Tom Schreiner:Problematic Texts For Definite Atonement

I really appreciate Tom Schreiner. He is a diligent  scholar who is very thorough in his commentaries ,and he is not afraid to tackle tough issues. At the same time ,he is a Calvinist who believes in definite (limited) atonement. David Allen deals with Dr.Schreiner’s chapter in From Heaven He Came and Sought Her in this post. Read and enjoy- the link is provided for the rest of the article.     Review of Schreiner’s Chapter “Problematic Texts for Definite Atonement in the Pastoral and General Epistles” in From Heaven He Came and Sought Her by David Allen on ...Read More

Susanna Wesley and the Early Church Fathers on Predestination

Oh the horror of it all ! A woman who has better theology than a Calvinist hero !!  While I certainly don’t claim sinless perfection for her , it is rather obvious that she has more Biblical sense than John Calvin.   The following is from a letter written by Susanna Wesley to her son John. This quotation has been taken from John Kirk, The Mother of the Wesleys: A Biography (London: Henry James Tresidder, 1864), 284-86. Explanatory comments by Kirk have been encased in brackets: I have often wondered that men should be so vain as to amuse ...Read More